If you own or operate a business within or using a garage, you need insurance to protect that business from claims of personal injury. If property damage or bodily injury happens to someone on your garage property, you could be held liable for those damages or medical expenses through a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the nature of the claims, your business could be totally halted or even closed because of the high expense associated with these kinds of lawsuits.

The Necessity of Garage Liability Insurance

Protecting yourself with garage liability insurance goes beyond sound planning- it is absolutely critical to ensure that the company you have worked so hard to build is able to stay open in the event of a liability claim.

Coverage Under Garage Liability Insurance

Garage liability insurance will provide coverage for the day to day operations within a garage. Limiting personal liability can be helped by opting to incorporate the business, as this will help to reduce what the owner may be responsible for out of pocket, but going without a garage liability insurance policy still exposes the business to tremendous risk.

Who Needs Garage Liability Insurance

If you are a franchised or non-franchised truck, truck-tractor, recreational vehicle, automobile, trailer, or any other type of dealer that operates partly with a garage, you need the protection of garage liability insurance. Contact us today for a personalized evaluation.