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 A charitable disposition enriches life. You are rich by what you give.The only right you can claim in this world is to give. You may give, wealth or service, feeling or knowledge.The spirit of giving provides you with the happiness you seek in the world.

Madhavan B Nair
Principal of MBN Insurance & Financial Services.

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date  29-05-2014

Life insurance is not for the people who die, it is for the people who live.

The basis of life insurance is the dollar value of human life. It has more to do with living than dying. A properly insured family derives enhanced wealth creating benefits such as, indemnification of losses created by death or disability, protection against lawsuit, liquidity, tax advantage, sinking funds for education and retirement, estate conservation and above all, ability to receive and enjoy one's own asset completely while alive.
No other financial instrument can manage a family's financial affairs with such versatility, maximization and wisdom. Generally, life insurance is narrowly viewed as an instrument to indemnify for premature death needs alone. But one must realize that it has more to do with living than dying.

Madhavan B. Nair
Agency Principal

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