date  12-02-2018

New Sales Agent On Board!


Ajeesh has come on board our agency as a Licensed Sales Representative with various years of experience!

As part of the sales team he is responsible for day-to-day costumer support such as answering concerning questions, accepting payments, adding new policies, updating costumers policies, making sure everything is running smoothly with our clients, etc.

We look forward to working with him as he is hard working, attentive to detail and friendly! 
Next time you come to our office he might be the one to help you out and we promise you wont be dissapointed. 

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date  02-02-2018

New Addition To Our Agency

Jackeline Barahona

 We welcome Jackeline Barahona to MBN Insurance, with 5+ years of experience in the marketing field she has come on board as a Marketing Specialist. Barahona is a dynamic, self-starter and creative person, previous job duties included (but not limited to) designing labels, products, billboards, blueprints, posters, banners, websites, web ads, marketing strategies and much more. Some responsibilities in our office would be developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for the entire organization in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones. Barahona’s day-to-day tasks include managing and coordinating marketing and creative projects, leading market research efforts to improve current and existing products/services, and updating social media and advertising campaigns.

Barahona is a great self-starter as well as great marketing leader. She is responsible for working with executives to determine promotions and targets, and developing pricing strategies for products and services. While the marketing department looks to marketing specialists for guidance and direction, executives count on marketing specialists for profitability and results. Operating at the center of the marketing department, these professionals must have extraordinary communication skills which Barahona most certainly has.

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date  10-03-2015


 A charitable disposition enriches life. You are rich by what you give.The only right you can claim in this world is to give. You may give, wealth or service, feeling or knowledge.The spirit of giving provides you with the happiness you seek in the world.

Madhavan B Nair
Principal of MBN Insurance & Financial Services.

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date  29-05-2014

Life insurance is not for the people who die, it is for the people who live.

The basis of life insurance is the dollar value of human life. It has more to do with living than dying. A properly insured family derives enhanced wealth creating benefits such as, indemnification of losses created by death or disability, protection against lawsuit, liquidity, tax advantage, sinking funds for education and retirement, estate conservation and above all, ability to receive and enjoy one's own asset completely while alive.
No other financial instrument can manage a family's financial affairs with such versatility, maximization and wisdom. Generally, life insurance is narrowly viewed as an instrument to indemnify for premature death needs alone. But one must realize that it has more to do with living than dying.

Madhavan B. Nair
Agency Principal

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