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General Contractors

Working as a contractor can be an exciting experience, since you have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in different capacities. Unfortunately, however, many contractors face increased risks in the course of their daily operations. That is why insurance for professional contractors is so critical.
Specialized insurance options are available for electrical contractors, plumbing and HVAC contractors, and excavation contractors. Dependent on your individual needs, we can customize a solution specific to you.

Common types of insurance for contractors :

Business Income Coverage:

In the event of a covered loss, this insurance will protect you when you have to stop working.

Business Property Coverage :

This insurance provides vital protection for your building and the contents inside as a result of a covered event, like a fire.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance :

One of your greatest investments is the equipment you use on a regular basis. Equipment breakdown insurance helps you recover your losses in the event of mechanical breakdown, operator error, or power failures.

Commercial Property and Liability Insurance :

Protect yourself from claims of bodily injury or property damage that is alleged against your products, services, or employees.

Protecting your business against the losses from sun damage or liability claim is important for contractors. Without insurance protection, you are exposing yourself and your business to sudden and irreparable losses that could dramatically affect your business's ability to stay afloat. Contact us today for a customized personal solution for your insurance needs.

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