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Owning a landscaping business is an exciting venture, but it’s also one affected by several types of risk. Acquiring insurance, however, can be a great way to protect yourself from these risks and allow you to maintain and grow your business. There are several different kinds of recommended policies for landscaping companies to own. Whether you’re a tree trimmer, an arborist, a landscape designer, lawn irrigation contractor, or a landscape architect, insurance is an important decision that should be considered carefully.

Business Owner Policy

In this policy, several different types of insurance, such as general liability protection, are included in an umbrella plan to address a variety of risks. Talk to us today about customizing the coverage for your landscaping business.

General Liability Insurance

If a person alleges claims of bodily injury or property damage arise, you’ll be protected by general liability insurance.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

If you rely on a number of pieces of equipment to accomplish your landscaping tasks, equipment breakdown insurance helps cover your losses and allow you to keep working.

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