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Medical Offices

The patients visiting your medical office or clinic keep health insurance coverage to protect them from the high costs of medical care. Likewise, your business should be protected with a combination of insurance coverage customized to meet your unique needs.

Computer Coverage

It's likely that a good portion of your business in a health clinic or medical office relies on the use of computers and digital data. Protect your computers, scanners, and printers, with customized computer coverage.

Crime Insurance

Protect your bottom line against theft of medication or other damages.

Employee Practices Liability Insurance

If you're accused of harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination, you can find yourself saddled with expensive claims. Protect yourself with employee practices liability.

Business Property Coverage

This insurance includes protection for covered losses, like fires or burst water pipes that lead to damage.

General Liability Coverage

A claim of damage or bodily injury on your property can decimate your profits, so general liability coverage is critical insurance for your medical office.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Particularly if your business is a specialty medical practice or you regularly use certain pieces of equipment on a regular basis, insuring those items in the event of breakdown can help protect your business.

Business Income Coverage

If you're the victim of a covered loss, this insurance will help cover the losses of business income during that period.

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